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Leading French Romantic painter, draughtsman, lithographer, writer and art critic. It is possible that he was a natural son of Talleyrand. After studies with Guerin, a follower of David, he worked at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, for awhile. In 1821, when Delacroix was in financial difficulties, he was helped by his friend Gericault, whose work he greatly admired. Delacroix became known from 1822 with his painting Dante and Virgil in the Inferno, shown in the Salon. During a visit to Britain in 1825 Delacroix met Lawrence and Wilkie. In 1831 he was awarded the Legion d'honneur and during the following year visited Morocco and Spain, a journey which proved to be crucial for the further development of his work. In 1833 a commission to decorate a salon in the Palais Bourbon was the beginning of a period of very intense work and a number of public commissions on a large scale, which established Delacroix. State honours followed and in 1857, after 7 rejections, he was at last elected a member of the French Institute. He was frequently ill now, but his monumental work increased and he employed about 30 assistants. His last great work, paintings for the church of St-Sulpice, occupied him until 1861. His use of broken color and the freedom of his brushwork was decisive in the formation of the later Realist and Impressinoist movements.

Image List
Dante and Virgil in Hell, 1822

Orphan Girl at the Cemetery, 1824

Liberty Leading the People, 1830

Woman of Algiers, 1834

Christ on the Sea of Galilee, 1854

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