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St Praxedis Christ in the House of Martha and Mary Diana and Her Companions Procuress Woman Asleep Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window Little Street
Officer and Laughing Girl Milkmaid Glass of Wine Girl with Wineglass Girl Interrupted at Her Music View of Delft Music Lesson
Woman in Blue Woman Holding a Balance Young Woman with a Water Pitcher Woman with a Lute Woman with a Pearl Necklace A Lady Writing Girl with a Pearl Earring
Concert Girl with the Red Hat Art of Painting Mistress and Maid Portrait of Young Woman The Geographer The Astronomer
Lacemaker Guitar Player Love Letter Lady Writing a Letter with Her Maid Allegory of Faith A Lady Standing at the Virginal Lady Seated at the Virginal

In the stillness of early morning light, the towers, roofs, and walls of Delft stretch across Vermeer's imposing view of the city. Beyond the darkly weathered city walls and fortress like gates that guard the entrance to Delft, Light falls on the orange tile roofs of the houses and the tower of the Nieuwe Kerk as though life were awakening within the city if not without. Although several figures stand and converse near a transport boat on the near shore of the harbor the city, and a few are seen walking on the quay on the far shore, their forms are no less quiet and subdues than the walls themselves. The painting tells no story, describes no event, and does not even allow access to the town. Yet it is one of the most memorable city views ever created.

Excerpt taken from Vermeer & the Art of Painting
by Arthur K. Wheelock Jr

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