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Oil Painting Reproductions at 1st Art Gallery

It must be noted that not every work by Rembrandt that is labeled a
self portrait can be comprehended as a 'portrait of Rembrandt'. This is especially true of the early ones. Rembrandt appears as a bit player in these. His face or image takes a back seat to the overall importance of the painting. It is agrued that the art lovers of his time considered the subject of a picture far less interesting than its execution and the the fame of its creator. It was not the scene that counted, but the fact that it displayed certain features of the creator's art. "Every Rembrandt, every self portrait by Rembrandt, was no more and no less than a specimen of his art in the eyes of the art-loving collector."

  1. History Piece 1626

  2. The Painter in His Studio 1629

  3. Self Portrait in Oriental Attire 1631

  4. Self Portrait as the Prodigal Son in the Tavern 1635

  5. Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul 1661