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Within Rembrandt's own lifetime, his etchings were acknowledged throughout Europe as an individual contribution to art, and were more consistently admired and collected than his paintings. As Durer was the first to discover, prints due to their reproductive nature were more potent for publicizing the name and work of an artist than either his paintings or drawings could be. The generally accepted oeuvre of etchings is right around three hundred and of these thirty-one are considered self portraits.

  1. Small Self Portrait 1627-28

  2. Self Portrait, Wide-Eyed 1630

  3. Self Portrait with Angry Expression 1630

  4. Self Portrait as a Beggar 1630

  5. Self Portrait with Hat Hand on Hip 1631-33

  6. Self Portrait as an Oriental Potentate with a Kris 1634

  7. Self Portrait with Saskia 1636

  8. Self Portrait, Leaning on a Stone Wall 1639