Arena Chapel

1300 Land was purchased by Enrico Scrovegni.

1302 Bishop of Padua gives approval to build the Chapel. This chapel was to be named The Scrovegni Chapel, but is also known as The Arena Chapel, because it was built on the site of a Roman amphitheater.

1303 Evidence suggests that the site was dedicated in March and construction begins.

Evidence also suggests that sometime during the year Giotto begins to paint the frescoes. Note, that no document ever mentions Giotto by name.

1304 In March Pope Benedict XI issues a bull granting indulgences to visitors.

People are flocking to the chapel not only for the indulgences promised by the Pope but to see the frescoes, which were well underway. Or maybe even finished ??


Local monks complained the chapel was too luxurious and the huge bells too loud for a family church. It was evident that the monks were worried about competition from the chapel.

Giotto finishes the frescoes in the main hall sometime during the year ??

1317-20 Area behind the altar is finished. The paintings and frescoes are painted by a mediocre Paduan painter in the style of Giotto. The area contains the tomb of Enrico and his wife.

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