20 contemporary artists accept a challenge
to create new original works
in the styles of famous old and modern masters

   For centuries, artists have been copying the subjects, techniques and styles of other artists. These works have been called many things: copies, studies, afters, pastiches, fakes, replicas, reproductions or forgeries. The artists who created them have been called many things too, from creative geniuses to unscrupulous criminals. Many of these works have been initially lauded by critics and experts as some of the greatest accomplishments of the Masters, and later condemned by the same experts as atrocities after they were found to be spurious.

   Since its founding over 25 years ago, the New Rochelle Council on The Arts has hosted dozens of art exhibitions featuring the original works of nationally known artists such as Norman Rockwell and Frederic Remington who lived in New Rochelle, as well as work by local professional artists from Westchester County and surrounding areas. Early in 2001, a call was put out to artists to inquire if any of them would be interested in participating in a show featuring original works that they would create in the manner of their favorite famous Masters, whether from old or from modern schools of art. Twenty artists responded, and the exhibition ran in October and November of 2001.

   Should each of these works be judged on the basis of what motivated its creation — the imitation of the style and subject matter of a recognized Master — or should each be viewed as a work of art with an aesthetic value of its own, regardless of the reasons behind its creation? You be the judges and the critics!

Joe. L. Dolice, NRCA


Special thanks to people without whom this exhibition would not have been possible: Thea Eichler, NRCA; Billie Tucker, New Rochelle Library; Ivar Hyden, Backstreet Gallery and all the contributing artists.

Additional information about the availability of Fabulous Fakes, the History of Art Forgery or any of the works in the exhibition may be obtained by contacting The New Rochelle Council on The Arts by email or by calling 212-529-2025. More information on the NRCA can be found by connecting to the internet and clicking here.


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