Opening Statement

The following pages will try to chronicle the developments and movements in painting over the last 800 years. The story of painting is one that is immensely rich in meaning, yet its value is often hidden from us by the complexities of its historians. We must forget the densities of history and simply surrender to the wonder of art.

The story opens with the earliest examples of Western painting, created by our first ancestors. From there it picks up with Giotto, and that's where the story really begins. It then goes through the centuries up to the present day.

You can navigate the site by alphabetical order of the artists or go through centuries of art by the chronology of movements. It's impossible to run a continous timeline becuase artists are constantly tripping over each other, and
-isms collide, interbreed, and self-replicate in slightly different forms. Therefore movements will overlap as one is born and another dies out. Just remember that through all these extremes, art lives...