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1834 July 19: born in Paris, son of Auguste de Gas, a banker.

1845 Attends Lycee Louis-le-Grand.

1847 Mother dies. Father takes him to museums and fosters his gift for drawing.

1853 Studies law for a short time, then enrolls in studio of Louis Lamothe, an ex-pupil of Ingres.

1855-56 Enrolls at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Meets Fantin-Latour.

1856 Travels to Italy, staying in Rome, Naples, and Florence.

1858 Visits Italy again and stays with his uncle in Florence, where he makes first studies for the group portrait, The Bellelli Family.

1860-65 Produces several history paintings, including Spartan Boys and Girls Exercising.

1868 Paints In the Orchestra Pit.

1870 Franco-Prussian War. Called up and serves in an artillery unit in a fortress near Paris.

1872 Begins to paint the ballet, visiting rehearsal rooms of dancers.

1874 Takes part in organizing the first Impressionist Exhibition, and shows ten paintings.

1875-77 Paints Dancer Curtseying and Cafe-concert at the Ambassadeurs.

1876 Paints Absinthe.

1877-90 Visits Spain. Works on etchings with Mary Cassatt and Pissarro. Paints racecourse scenes and Miss Lala at the Circus (1879).

1881 Shows wax statuette of dancer at sixth Impressionist Exhibition. Produces sculptures, lithographs, monotypes and pastels.

1882 Produces paintings and pastels of milliners and laundresses.

1885 Visits Le Havre and Dieppe and meets Gauguin. Eyesight worsens. Experiments with different media and concentrates on painting dancers and women at their toilet.

1886 Eighth and last Impressionist Exhibition. Shows pictures of women washing.

1893 Shows series of pastel landscapes. Eyesight continues to deteriorate, and works only with great difficulty.

1898-1912 Lives in seclusion, almost blind. House in the rue Victor Masse is demolished in 1912 and he is forced to move. His paintings are now fetching very high prices.

1917 September 27: dies at the age of eighty-three.

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