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Egyptians were mainly interested in architecture and sculpture, and in many of their paintings they gave drawing precedence over color. Architecture was invented in Egypt around 2650BC by Imhotep. Imhotep came up with the revolutionary idea to translate the fragile building materials of bundled reeds and mud bricks into carved stone. Many of the architectural elements we see today have some kind of ancestral link to Imhotep's genius.

At first glance, the paintings and reliefs may not look all that real. Egyptian realism meant emphasizing the most obvious view of each part of the body and then bunching them all together in a strict geometric grid system.

Egyptologists divide the art into four main historical categories. These are all dated to various dynasties or rulers.

  • Old Kingdom- 2700-2400BC
  • Middle Kingdom- 2040-1674BC
  • New Kingdom- 1552-1069BC
  • Late Period- 1070BC-200AD
It is not necessary to learn what these categories are to appreciate Egyptian art, but being familiar with them will help you understand the mind-boggling ancientness of this civilization.

Image List
Akhenaten and His Family

Judgement before Osiris

Fowling Scene from Nebamun's Tomb

Nefertari Making Offering to Isis

Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun

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