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Manet's Paintings

The first view is the proposed location of the paintings before Manet cut up the canvas. The critics were very disturbed by his handling of the perspective in this work and Manet seemed to be wounded by their opinions. Manet may not only have agreed with the critics, but also realized that the fallen figure on its own could convey a greater sense of the tragic by itself.
The x-ray image shows just what is under the paint. You will notice that the bullfighters positions were moved and that one was riding a horse. There was even a large bull on the right side of the canvas.

Move your mouse over the image
to see a computer superimposition
of the x-radiographs laid over the paintings. This will reveal what is painted under these works.

Click on each work to view a larger image

Dead Toreador
oil on canvas
National Gallery of Art
oil on canvas
Frick Collection

View a Computer Reconstruction of the Original Painting
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