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1840 November 4th: Claude Oscar Monet born Paris.

1845 Family moves to Le Havre.

1856-57 Meets Eugene Boudin.

1859 First visit to Paris; meets a number of painters including Pissarro.

1861-62 Military service in Algeria. Discharged because of ill health. Meets Dutch painter Jongkind.

1862 Enters Gleyre's studio where he meets Bazille, Renoir and Sisley.

1864 Leaves Gleyre's studio. Paints at Fontainebleau.

1865 Shares studio with Bazille in Paris. First exhibits at Salon.

1866 Portrait of Camille success at Salon.

1867 First son Jean born. Financial problems force him to return to family in Le Havre.

1868 Lives with Camille Doncieux at Etretat during winter.

1870 Marries Camille. Outbreak of Franco-Prussian war causes visit to England where he meets Durand-Ruel.

1871 Returns to France and settles at Argenteuil. Rejected by Royal Academy, London.

1872-74 Durand-Ruel buys paintings.

1874 First Impressionist Exhibition.

1876 Meets Hoschede family.

1877 Ernest Hoschede becomes bankrupt. Works in Paris on Gare Saint-Lazare paintings.

1878 Moves to Ventheuil and is joined by the Hoschede family. Second son Michel is born.

1879 Camille dies. Alice Hoschede takes charge of household.

1880 Exhibits at Salon.

1881 Moves to Poissy. Durand-Ruel resumes purchase, of works after earlier financial problems.

1882 Exhibits in seventh group exhibition.

1883 Moves to Giverny. One-man show at Durand-Ruel gallery. Summer: makes first paintings of Giverny region.'Trips to the Midi and Italian Riviera with Renoir. Visits Cezanne during the trip.

1884-87 Paints at Giverny and northern French coast.

1888 Paints at Antibes. Refuses Legion d'Honneur.

1889 Exhibits with Rodin at Georges Petits gallery. Organizes private subscription list to purchase Manet's Olympia for the State.

1890 Begins "series" paintings with Grain Stacks. Purchases home at Giverny.

1892 Begins Bouen series. Marries Alice Hoschede.

1893 Begins making water garden.

1895 Painting trip to Norway.

1896 Early morning on Seine series.

1899 Begins first paintings of water garden and Japanese bridge. Painting trip to London.

1900-01 Works on Thames series in London.

1903 Begins second Water Garden series.

1908 Painting journey (last) to Venice. Trouble with eyesight.

1911 Death of Alice.

1914 Builds new studio for Waterlilies panels. Death of son Jean.

1921 Deterioration in his sight.

1922 Bequest of Waterlilies to state.

1923 Has cataract operation, which is partially successful.

1926 December 5th: death at Giverny.

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